Tuesday, June 25, 2013

convert swf to mov online

Flash video have become popular on web. Search on Google or Yahoo, you will find out batch of flash movie. Also you can check out the video share website for example Hulu, Youtube, Myspace for flash video. After download SWF videos on the web, apart from watch them on Mac, you may have the requirement of editing these with Final Cut Pro. Its standard ripple, roll, slip, slide, scrub, blade and time remapping edit functions really make it a superb editing software so that you can further modify videos.
However, Apple applications don't accept flash video, Final Cut Pro included. It is believed by Apple that they don't need flash. So you have to convert SWF to Final Cut Pro accepted format,say MOV, and after that imported the converted MOV file to Final Cut Pro for editing.
Mac SWF to FCP Converter can be a professional software engineered to cope with SWF to FCP conversion on Mac. Mac SWF to FCP Converter can simply convert SWF to MOV for Final Cut Pro with several mouse clicks. What's more, SWF to FCP Converter can become a SWF file downloader, in case you provide a link of on line SWF file, it's going to automatically snatch for your wanted SWF video, assist you to download it or convert it to MOV for Final Cut Pro. Besides, with Mac SWF to Final Cut Pro set up on Mac, it is possible to resize the SWF video, cut black edges from your movie and add special logo like a watermark on the video.
How to convert SWF for editing on Final Cut Pro
To start up, please download and launch Mac SWF to FCP Converter on Mac.
Step 1. Add SWF to program Mac SWF to FCP Converter
SWF to Video Converter Step 2. Set output format as MOV for Final Cut Pro then click 'Next' to shift to conversion windows.

Step 3. Press 'Start Conversion' to begin converting SWF to FCP MOV

After conversion, please click'Finish Conversion', in that case your MOV file will probably be saved on your Mac.
Step Optional. Crop SWF video

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How to Convert SWF to MOV

In the world of Mac, mov could be the dominant format for multimedia playback, additionally it is easy to be imported to iMovie or final cut for even more editing. Swf, contradicted to its popularity on the web, have little to none presence on mac. There are not much media players or video editing software that supports swf natively, devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod also can't play swf files. In order to play or edit swf files in mac ecosystem, you'll be able to convert swf to mov so that you can play it natively with quicktime or directly imported the converted mov files to iMovie or final cut pro.

Swf to mov converter for mac is a solid option for getting job done, the application is speedy in conversion, it is also packed with the downloader feature, you'll be able to simply at night url of the swf movie, the swf to mov converter will grab the web video to suit your needs.

The detail by detail guide about how exactly to convert swf to mov on mac

Download and install swf to mov converter for mac

Import swf files. If it is videos from youtube, vimeo or any other video sharing sites, paste the url to the grab video address bar, then click "grab", the swf files will probably be downloaded for your hard drive.

Set output format as mov

Click come to be convert swf to mov on mac

Ok, now you have the swf animations converted to mov, typically the most popular format within the mac ecosystem. The converted mov files are available for smooth playback on either iPhone/iPad/ipod or other portable media players which doesn't support swf inside first place. You will no longer find troubles in importing the mov to your video editors on mac.

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